Weapon Conception
- Kaizen Kamikaze -
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Statistical Info
Ammunition Material Aluminum, Napalm, White Phosphorus, Thermite, Gasoline
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 2500 (Normal), 4500 (RED)
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 1500 (Normal), 3500 (RED)

Over 3 seconds

Pierce Infinite (initial explosion), 5 (shrapnel)
Area of Effect 40 meters
Weapon Class Grenade
Damage Type Physical and Thermal
Approx. Drop Level 70 in grenade boxes (Normal), They automatically turn RED when the player reaches Level 90
Ammo Cost $50000/grenade (normal), $150000/grenade (RED)
Additional Stats
Players can only carry 5 of these

It moves at speed of 80%

Press V to throw

Players can choose whether to let the grenade target either the closest or the strongest target in their Support Screen

Knocks back enemies within the explosion radius by 3 meters

Has a range of 50 meters

Has a turn rate of 90 degrees per second

"Hand thrown grenades will follow the closest or strongest target and explode on contact. Pure devastation for crowds."
―In game description
"It's a bird....., wait, it's a plane....., wait, WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!! This grenade is really brutal!"
―Observer during company field testing

Basic Summary Edit

The Kaizen Kamikaze is a hand thrown grenade designed and manufactured by Kaizen Corp. It is powered by a gasoline powered 0.6 Liter Inline 2 cylinder engine making 15 horsepower, driving a propeller in the back. The engine starts up when the grenade is thrown like a paper plane. Because it only weighs 10 pounds, it has adequate power. It's special feature is that it can home to it's closest or strongest target, following it until colliding with it. This is done using a combination of radar, ultrasound, and infrared guiding system, exactly how modern day guided missiles do their job. This will cause the chemicals inside to ignite, therefore, enough pressure is built up inside the casing so quick that it explodes, turning the casing into deadly shrapnel, which deal physical damage. The massive explosion created by the chemicals will also set nearby enemies on fire, dealing a hefty amount of thermal damage.

Playing Style Edit

It's best suited for throwing into a crowd, due to it's pierce, damage, and gigantic blast radius. Since it's homing, you can camp and hit the crowds from a safe distance. However, it's turning rate is not so great.

More Facts Edit

  • It was inspired by the Kamikaze attacks, which were conducted by selected Japanese pilots in modified planes laden with explosives. They were tasked with purposely crashing into enemy ships, in a desperate attempt to win the war. This happened in WWII.
  • Kamikaze is Japanese for Divine or Spirit Wind
  • It's the only grenade that does not automatically turn RED when the player reaches Level 30. In fact, the Normal version doesn't begin to appear in grenade boxes until the player has reached Level 70.
  • Thanks for Hunter-1-2-1 for suggesting more realistic stats

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