"Lightweight construction and good power to weight ratio allow this helicopter to fly fast and sky high."
―In game description

3 possible real life appearances Edit

Top image: Dauphin_based_helicopter.jpg

Based off:

Dauphin based helicopter Harbin Z9
Sikorsky-Boeing JMR- hi CNET
Aerospatiale SA-315B HB-XTM

Middle image: Sikorsky S-97 "Raider" ☀

Bottom image: "Aerospatiale SA-315B HB-XTM" by Elisabeth Klimesch - airliners.netphoto. Licensed under GFDL via Commons -

Some Basic Stats Edit

Developed by: Kaizen Corp., Mazda Motor Corporation

Manufactured by: Toyota Motor Corporation, Mazda Motor Corporation

Parts content: Japan (100%)

Place of assembly: Japan

Engine: Mazda engineered Impulse modified KMRM1 2.8 L twin turbo 4 rotor Wankel Rotary Engine

Horsepower: 700

Torque: 500 lb ft

Redline: 9200 RPM

Maximum speed of rotor: 3500 RPM

Fuel: Gasoline

Top speed: 300 MPH (600% in game)

Altitude limit: 18000 Feet

Weight: 2000 lbs (empty), 5000 lbs (fully loaded)

Length: 500 inches

Width: 77.6 inches

Height: 80 inches

Main rotor length: 35 feet

Secondary rotor length: 10 feet

Class: Helicopter

Guns: 2 modified M61 Vulcan Cannons, 2 Kaizen Takedown Turrets, payload of 5 Kaizen Kamikaze Type 2 self guided missiles, 1 EMP generator

Active abilities: Active abilities: Diagnostic and repair (Y), EMP (U), Launch Missiles (H). All active skills except Launch Missiles have a 90 second cool down. After all missiles are launched, they will be restocked in 3 minutes.

Passive abilities: High beam dazzle (applies concussion effect to enemies directly in front of the headlights for 5 seconds)

Max occupant number: 6

How to board: Walk into it

How to fly it: WASD for general movement. Up arrow to increase altitude. Down arrow to decrease altitude. Left arrow to increase speed. Right arrow to decrease speed.

Defense values: 2500 for physical. 1000 for chemical, thermal, and energy damage.

Health: 2000. Regenerates 600 health per second for 10 seconds if Diagnostic and repair skill is activated.

Purpose Edit

This vehicle is more of a light military air vehicle. It's meant for missions like rescue, troop transport, air support, surveying, etc. It is fast and has a lot of firepower, but does not offer high protection.

More facts Edit

  • MH - Special Operations Helicopter, and 1 states the fact that it's the company's first helicopter. It's also the company's only helicopter.
  • The Wankel Rotary Engine has a good power to displacement ratio, revs freely, has a high redline, is lightweight and compact, has less chance to seize, has very few components, and has no reciprocating parts, and operates smoother than conventional piston driven engines.
  • Thanks to Hunter-1-2-1 for helping me find suitable images.

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