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Manufacturer: Kaizen Corp.
Affiliation: Country of Japan
Health: 25,000
Armor: 40,000 for physical.

30,000 for chemical, thermal, and energy damage.

Dimentions: Length: 200 inches

Height: 80 inches

Width: 85 inches

Crew: 4
Production Cost: Support, quick strike, rescue, troop transport, surveying, etc
"With a rally car chassis, light armour made from the latest composites, and powerful and torquey engine, it's the fastest tank ever made. Just be careful when you drive it hard."
―Official description

Some Basic Stats Edit

Developed by: Toyota Motor Corporation, Kaizen Corp.

Manufactured by: Toyota Motor Corporation

Design and manufacturing help by: The Armoured Group LLC

Parts content: Japan (100%)

Place of assembly: Japan

Engine: Toyota engineered, Impulse Performance modified 52TD1 32 Valve DOHC 5.2 Liter V8 twin-turbo diesel

Horsepower: 1000

Torque: 2000 lb ft

Redline: 6000 RPM

Engine Compression Ratio: 15:1

Fuel: Diesel

0-60 (MPH): 10 seconds

Top speed: 110 MPH (220% in game)

Transmission: 8 Speed Sequential

Drivetrain Layout: R4

Fuel economy (in MPG): 5 City, 15 HIghway, 10 Overall

Curb Weight: 16000 lbs

Towing capability: Maximum load of 9000 lbs

Wheelbase: 112.2 inches

Length: 194.9 inches

Height: 74 inches

Width: 77.6 inches

Wheels: 20 inch drop forged steel wheels

Ground Clearance: 5 Feet

Class: Light Tank

Max occupant number: 4

Guns: 12 Kaizen Takedown Turrets, 8 modified M61 Vulcan Cannons, 2 EMP generators, 4 Smoke Guns (designed to reduce the chance of being spotted by enemies), payload of 2 Kaizen Kamikaze Type 2 guided missles.

Defense values: 40,000 for physical defense. 30,000 for thermal, chemical, and energy defense.

Health: 25,000. Regenerates 180 health per second for 10 seconds if Diagnostic and repair skill is activated.

Active abilities: Diagnostic and repair (Y), EMP (U), Smoke Guns (H). All active skills have a 90 second cool down. Launch Missiles have a 100 second cool down. After all missiles are launched, they will be restocked in 1 minute.

Passive abilities: Ram and crush (deals 1500 physical damage to enemies run over), High beam dazzle (applies concussion effect to enemies directly in front of the headlights for 5 seconds),

How to board: Walk into it

How to drive it: WASD for general movement. Up arrow to shift up a gear. Down arrow to shift down a gear. Space bar to brake.

Purpose Edit

This vehicle is a light military vehicle. It's meant for missions like rescue, troop transport, espionage, surveying, towing, etc. Idea for situations where speed and firepower are critical. It is able to last longer in combat than other light vehicles. Also more suitable for off roading than the Kaizen-Toyota Land Cruiser

More Facts Edit

  • Based off the Wasp Hull from Tanki Online

  • The fastest tank ever created

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