Weapon Conception
- Komodo Dragon -
Cross between a Feldahubitz and an Acid hound from Raze 2
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 200, 425 RED, 800 BLACK
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 900 over 3 sec, 1875 RED, 2750 BLACK
Rate of Fire 6 rps
Capacity 20
Reload Time 2.4 sec
Area of Effect 3 m
Movement -18%
Firing Mode Full auto
Weapon Class Grenade launcher
Damage Type Chemicalico Chemical
Approx. Drop Level 24, 100 RED and BLACK
Ammo Cost 400 for 50, 4000 for 50 RED, 4300 for 50 BLACK
Single DPS [?] 6600
13800 RED Version
21300 BLACK Version
"Splashes enemies with big blasts of acid. Doesn`t deal a lot of damage initially, but the rate of fire and damage over time makes up for it."
―Official Description

The Komodo Dragon is a grenade launcher made by Antimatter.

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