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Koprulu Combat Battery is a model of battery manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. It is standard to most battery-powered weapons in Koprulu Sector.

It may be changed and altered to fit some battle conditions along with the weapon that uses it, but mostly only altered according to the weapon.

Most Common Variants Edit

Micro Edit

Micro KCBs are extremely small yet durable, designed to be used on small attachments such as laser sights

Small Arms Edit

Small Arms variant is used for most pistols, but are sometimes used for SMGs and Shotguns. It has NeoSteel framing to prevent tragic explosion when it snaps in half, which is easy to do given its 2mm thickness at card-like usage.

Standard Edit

So-called "standard" for all weapon uses, as set by Terran Dominion, it does not have NeoSteel in them as its carbon fiber casing is durable enough to be used for most assault rifles. Decently high capacity for everyday use (by that I mean on battlefields, which seems like everyday even on Koprulu Sector).

Specialty Discs Edit

Those are not very common, but everyone admits that they're very useful on some occasions. In a shape of a disc, it's usually used on hover pads, but it is specially designed to be able to emit plasma discharge along the edges, which can be shot like a bladed disc.

Fusion Core Edit

When you ram one of those into a weapon, usually LMGs, but also used for many others, you're going to shoot for a long, long time and you won't have to worry about replacing them as they can recharge by themselves if stopped shooting for few seconds, but also note that atomic fusion will eventually run out of hydrogen and helium at last, so it is advised to replace after a battle. Also nice to dig come charcoal out for bar-be-que after a mission.

Users Edit

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