[Deep Space Warship]
- Battlecruiser -
Behemoth Class

a Behemoth Class Battlecruiser

Manufacturer: Koprulu Marine Supply
Affiliation: Terran Dominion
Dimentions: varies
Role: interstellar transport, mobile fleet
Crew: varies
"Fully equipped with rockets, lasers, torpedoes, bullets, fighters, and even nukes. All you need for blowing a planetary fortress"
―an engineer

Koprulu Government Enforsive Battlecruiser or simply Battlecruiser is a model of spacecraft mainly used for space warfare, typically equipped with firepower of a whole military base and largest one being over 15 km long with over 160000 personnel aboard. It is fully designed and manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply.

There are many classes of Battlecruisers:

  1. Tempest Class
  2. Carrier Class
  3. Super Class
  4. Pride-of-Augustgrad Class
  5. Gorgon Class
  6. Minotaur Class
  7. Hercules Class
  8. Behemoth Class
  9. Mammoth Class
  10. Leviathan Class

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