- Koprulu -
none yet
Dominant Specie(s) Humans (Terrans)
Affiliation Terran Dominion
Capital Korhal
Status Minor never-ending conflicts
"What is it with the Koprulu Sector, anyhow? It seems like every week there's another skirmish, insurgency, sortie, planned offensive, counter strike, police action, border conflict or plain old-fashioned war breaking out. While the chaos and anarchy are great for a spacefaring merchant vessel that's willing to transport certain cargo of questionable legality, I sometimes have to stop and wonder if this madness will ever end"
―Norris Bailey, First Mate of Starheaper Recovery vessel

Koprulu Sector aka Terran Sector is a sector of the Milky Way roughly 6000 light years away from the Earth, which is in Orion Arm Sector, also 2428 light years away from the Aartis system. Although humans have been successfully colonized the area, its surroundings include Protoss aerospace, supplying sector with never-ending conflicts. It is the home sector of Koprulu Marine Supply, explaining the typically criticized "war machines" they make.

Koprulu sector consists of few dozens of systems with hundreds of planets. So far into colonizing planets, major planets are Tarsonis, Korhal, Umoja, Moria, Tyrador VIII, Tyrador IX, Brontes, Dylar IV, Chau Sara, Mar Sara, Char, Sonyan, Artesia Prime, and Turaxis II. However, there are still hundreds of uncharted and/or minor colonized worlds. Some planets have been destroyed severely due to humans' political conflicts and conflicts with other alien species.

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