"Part shotgun, part sniper rifle. The LRFTSR is a specialist weapon filling a niche in combat that in reality, doesn't need filled. But, in an attempt to be more badass then any other weapons designer, James Johnson had to invent it! It was made by combining one of Xenon Supply Corp's shotguns and one of their sniper rifles using nano technology. With a little help from Koprulu employees at the alice station, this marvelous idea became a reality. It is now a weapon used by sniper teams everywhere in the universe."
―Official Description

Damage: 200 per pellet, 400 RED Version, 800 BLACK Version

Capacity: 15

Pellets: 8

Pierce: 5

Movement: -35%

ROF: 4 rps

Damage type: Physical

Made by: Xenon Supply Corp

Drop level: 50, 70 RED Version, 100 BLACK Version

= HistoryEdit

In the year 3112, this was used to assassinate several Xenon and Koprulu employees by a rogue Xenon employee. Guards were rushed to the area and shot him so many times that his body was sold for scrap metal rather then buried.

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