Weapon Conception
- LazBlast -
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Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions Fusion Core variant Koprulu Combat Battery
Ammunition Material Fusion Core
Muzzle Velocity c
Weight 22 kg (loaded)
Accessories laser sight, 4X zoom scope
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 300 WHITE Version
750 RED Version
1125 BLACK Version
1500 Prem
Pierce 1
Projectiles / shot [?] 1
Rate of Fire 30 RPS while burst
1 RPS per burst
Capacity 100
Reload Time regen 10/sec
Area of Effect pinpoint accuracy
Movement -38%
Firing Mode 20 Round Burst
Weapon Class Shotgun
Damage Type EnergyicoEnergy
Approx. Drop Level 52 WHITE Version
100 RED Version&BLACK Version
Ammo Cost $2000
$20000 RED Version
$24000 BLACK Version per game
Single DPS [?] 6000 WHITE Version
15000 RED Version
22500 BLACK Version
30000 Prem
Ammo Used [?] Koprulu Combat Battery
Additional Stats
Uses Slug Shotgun masteries
"Accelerated Gamma Fission triggered by nuclear fusion energy allows for tragic discharge that eats away anything in its way at nuclear scale"
―Official Description

LazBlast is a single-pellet pinpoint-accuracy 20-round burst fire shotgun manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply.

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