possesing ten loader bots with

extreme ruthlessness must 

be shocked to be destroyed____ officicial description

leader bot is the leader of loader bots it can open it"s arms wide (similar to those when a devastator rages) to call 10 loader bots it has extremely more health than the loader bot it has 100% resistances to chemical thermal and physical butit's weakness is energy it has 0% resistance to energy


non savageEdit

not much is different with the apearance but it is 4 times the size and a darker shade of yellow


the leader bot apears in dark shade of grean and is covered with spikes


melee attack damage: 10,000 savage:100,000

health: 999,999,999 savage 999,999,999,999

resistance to physical:100 savage is the same

resistance to thermal:100 savage is the same

resistance to chemical:100savage is the same

resistance to energy:0 25 savage

exp granted: makes your character level up to 100 if less than 100

type rank 
savage 99
regular  75


the leader bot came from a dream of the conception  creator as the leader bot can call loader bots

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