Lesser Behemoths appear to be smaller, less terrifing versions of the dangerous Behemoth. They have a low chance of spawwning in the place of Bloaters when you are rank 50 in singleplayer and 40 in multiplayer, and are dangerous.
"Mutated Bloaters with one eye and no other features on its massive head, the Lesser Behemoths will nearly cause a hundreth of the ravage of its more powerful spawn! (that is a great compliment)."
―Official Description


HP: 10000/20000/40000/80000

DMG: 700/1100/2000/3300

Player Relative Speed: 0.4

Dies into: 5 Elite Leeches

Special: Throws an Apex Puke Worm at you. Thrown Worms have 2x as much damage and 4x as much speed.

Attacks/Sec: 0.3/0.4/0.5/0.65

Specials/Sec: 1 per 20/ 1 per 18/1 per 16/1 per 14

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