Light Core Map

The ugly map of ugliness. Black holes are where zombies come from.

"To make their equipment ultra-light, Shotlite harvest material from the Light Core to make "solid air". This material is the sole reason why Shotlite is so successful. Unfortunately, the light core is in a very dangerous place, and many have died while trying to harvest the material. Shotlite has requested that the SAS assist them in transporting the Light Core to Shotlite headquarters. If they don't succeed, Shotlite will go bankrupt."

-Mission Description

Light Core is a  mission where you have to do something for Shotlite. You need to retrieve the light core from the core room, then bring it back. Pretty much VIP. The initial reward is 3 Shotlite Strongboxes (Boxes that give you shotlite stuff).

All zombies in the Light Core room are United.


  • Clear entrace of zombies
    • Open the door by using the two switches
    • Get to the boxing room
    • Clear the boxing room of zombies
    • Get to the core room
      • Get the core
    • Box the core
    • Defeat the boss
  • Exit the tunnel

Other Info

The boxing room is where you put the light core in a box after you get it. It will follow you after you put it in the box, like the VIP. It has 25000 HP.

Whoever holds the light core has no movement penalties and will move 10% faster.

There is a secret loot room defined by the light square in the background. It has 1 Health Pack and 1 loot item.


Commentary by a Shotlite Employee to guide you.

Coming Soon!