"Shotlite stays true to its name by creating an ultra-light lasgun with astounding power. It's like you aren't holding anything at all."
―Official Description


The Shotlite Lightning is a light, albeit strong lasgun. It start appearing in boxes at around rank 25, but only in rank 2+ boxes. This is changed by rank 50, when [RED] versions start appearing. It has a very low movement penalty, just like all other Shotlite weapons.


  • Ammo Cost: 200 for 120 shots. 800 for 120 high damage shots. [RED] ammo costs 10X as much.
  • Damage: 75 HP Energy damage
  • Pierce: 5, 7 [RED]
  • Fire Rate: 45 RPS
  • Reload Speed: 2.40 seconds
  • Capacity: 30
  • Movement Penalty: -1.8%
  • Firing Mode: Semi-AutoFull Auto
  • Category: Lasgun