"strange quakes have been heard on a nearby moon. We are sending you to check it out, but be wary; this moon has been infested, and there is no telling what those things evolved into.."

-Official description.

This is a mission where you must find and destroy the Lunar Feeder. You are accompanied by 3 SAS recruits, each of a different class, that act like level 10s. Unlocked at rank 60.

The mission ItselfEdit

So, you start out in a infested landing dock. You first task: Find the air tank.

What it says at top of screen: First, it would be best to find an air tank. Without one, you would inflate to 100 times your size and explode if you even breathed 1 breath.

Next task: Defeat the 2 wickers guarding the door and get out.

What it says when you get out: The air will last about 20 minutes. Make use of that time.

Task 3: Find the Boss Hole. The Boss Hole is where the feeder dug.

Task 4: Go through the winding tunnels to find the feeder.

Task 5: Defeat the boss!

On completion, you get 2 EXTRA strongboxes, as well as the one you got from the feeder and any others zombies may have dropped or may have spawned, replacing medkits.

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