"Semi-automatic rifle. The classic US rifle, Used in wars such as World War 2 back in the 20th Century. Smokestack's take at a rifle. While they modified it so it can use the .50 BMG bullets, It was still the same rifle. With the same sights, And the same 8 round clip."
―Official Description
Damage: 970, 1940 [RED]

Capacity: 8, 16 [RED]

Fire Rate: 9 RPS

Movement Penalty: -16.67%

Reload: 1.90 Seconds

Pierce: 6

Damage Type: Physical

Ammo Cost: $640 for 100 Rounds, $6400 for 100 Rounds [RED]

Very good rifle if you don't mind the movement, ammo cost, tiny capacity and expensive augments. Great damage, with slightly modified ammo so it can deal better damage than the Sub-light COM2. Extremely accurate. Where you aim is what you'll hit. Overall great rifle.

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