Weapon Conception
- ME Aequitas -
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Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 900, 1800 RED Version, 2700 BLACK Version
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 350/3s, 700/3s RED Version, 1050 BLACK Version
Pierce 10
Projectiles / shot [?] 1
Rate of Fire 8 rps
Capacity 5
Reload Time 3.1 seconds
Area of Effect 1.6m radius
Movement -8%
Firing Mode Semi-auto
Weapon Class Rocket Launcher
Damage Type Thermalico Thermal
Approx. Drop Level 41, 94 RED Version/BLACK Version
Ammo Cost How much does thermal rocket ammo cost? that much.
Ammo Used [?] Thermal rocket launcher ammo
"Taking Balanced to heart, the weight from the Aequitas is almost nothing, making it one of the lightest Rocket Launchers ever made."
―Official description

Extended Description Edit

The name is not just a statement on the weight of the weapon, overall the Aequitas is very balanced, only running into issues with its incredibly low move penalty, which is counterbalanced by the low capacity and relatively high reload time.

Augment Recommendations Edit

  • Deadly, increases damage, simple 'nuff
  • Tenacious, does the same, seeing as how the DoT on this weapon is much higher than the Luftplatzen, making the augment much more Viable.
  • Capacity: triples current capacity, pretty useful.
  • Adaptive. NM.

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