The ML 25-pounder Mortar, Mk.III (or the 25-pounder Mk.3) is a very powerful weapon made by Royal Ordnance with special firing mechanics.

The mortar cannot be used unless it is set up which occurs automatically when the player stops moving. this takes one second. to resume moving, the player just needs to press any direction key for another second.

When firing, the player points the mouse to where they want to fire, and on clicking the mortar fires at that spot. the mortar fires indirectly and thus will not hit anything in the path of the firing line (allowing the player to fire over walls)

the blast of the mortar deals tons of damage in a large radius, but it can only fire one shot per clip as it is a muzzle loaded weapon.

Stats Edit

  • does 2500 damage with the explosion over a 4 meter area. the RED version does double damage.
  • when moving, 30% movement penalty. when firing, the player can't move.
  • takes three seconds to reload once fired.
  • uses rocket launcher ammo.

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