"Created by Teknoboom to assist soldiers and Explosiven-Maschines, These Drones are weak but fast."
―Official Description

German for Machine-gun-Drone. The Explosive Variant is called the Raketenwerfer-Drohne, or Rocket Launcher Drone. Has a 10% Chance to Drop 1-3 Teknoboom Rollensuchens, or 1 Flugkorper, 5% chance to drop a Teknoboom Geldschrank (Strongbox), 90% Normal 10% Red.

Health: 4,500. Explosive: 6,000

Speed: 4 Meters per sec. Explosive 3.5 Meters per sec.

Turn Rate: 360 Degrees per sec. Explosive: 270 Degrees per sec.

Damage: 200 per sec. Explosive: 900.

Fire rate: 7 RPS. Explosive 2 RPS.

Range: 5 Meters. Explosive: 8 Meters.

Blast Radius: 2 Meters.

XP Reward: 100. Explosive: 150

Resistance: 20% Physical, 10% Thermal and Toxic. Explosive: 25% Physical, 20% Thermal and Toxic.

Appearance: 2-4 Whenever a Explosiven-Maschine appears.

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