"An unholy conglomerate of digital and organic virus strain. Very fast for its size and more than capable of turning a body-armored human into little more than a smear on the wall."
―Official Description

The Mauler is a high level boss zombie that begins appearing as an alternate to the Necrosis and Juggernaut. The fastest boss zombie, the Mauler is a hybrid of digital and organic enemies and changes behaviour based on how fast its health is being removed, altering its attack patterns depending on its life expectancy.

Attack Stances

The boss has three separate behaviours depending on its health and life expectancy.

Normal: Boss has more than 30 seconds left to live, or is above 50% hit points.

The Mauler alternates between attacking and withdrawing, using swipes and slashes from its organic arm to do the job.

Defensive: Boss has 5-30 seconds left to live, or is at 10-50% hit points.

The Mauler withdraws and begins using its digital arm to generate large hybrid "chitinous metal" plates, hurling them at the player from afar. Additionally it holds some of said plates in front of it, giving it 30% physical and electrical resistance from the front.

Berserk: Boss has less than 5 seconds left to live or is at less than 10% hit points.

The Mauler lets out an unearthly, digital howl, becoming invincible while doing so. It then gains a 50% universal resistance and proceeds to charge at every player with random targeting, lashing out furiously with both arms. If the boss has more than 10% hit points remaining and its life expectancy increases it will return to Defensive stance after ten seconds.


  • 35,000 base health. Savage has 1,000,000.
  • Organic arm does 2,250 damage per swipe. Savage does 22,500. Cool-down is 1.5 seconds and is halved in Berserk stance. Has 1.6 meter range.
  • Digital arm does 2,800 damage per swipe. Savage does 30,000. Cool-down is 2 seconds. Has 2 meter range. Attack will create projectiles in Defensive stance. Cool-down halved in Berserk stance.
  • Digital arm projectile does 1200 damage. Savage does 12,000. Cool-down is 2 seconds. Has a 15 meter range and moves at 13 m/s.
  • Moves at 4 m/s. Savage moves at 4.4 m/s. Turn rate is 360 degrees per second.
  • No base resistances. Gains 30% physical and electrical resistance frontally in Defensive stance and 50% universal resistance in Berserk stance. Resistances increased to 50% and 60% respectively when Savage.