- Mazda Ex Joint Company -
Mazda Ex-0

Credit to Bing445

Manufactures Weapons, Armours
Founded 3150
"A joint company between Kaizen Corp. and Helios Fabrication company. Technology from both companies are often incorporated into products marketed under this company"
―In game description
"There is no substitute for teamwork"

User Bing445 suggested the name

Names will consist of a ME before a Latin word.

Created by: Kaizen Corp. and Helios Fabrication Co.

Named after 66mazda and Helios Ex

Story Behind ItEdit

In 3145, 66mazda (master mechanic of Kaizen Corp.) was looking for a trustworthy company to share the company's ideas to. In 3148, the president and CEO of Helios Fabrication Co., who also was a close friend of him, Lance Collins, offered to form a joint company with Kaizen Corp.. In 3150, with the approval of Eiji Toyoda, Kaizen Corp.'s CEO and President, Mazda Ex Joint Company was formed.

Weapons Edit

Sniper Rifles Edit

Rocket Launchers Edit

Sub-machine Guns Edit

Light Machine Guns Edit

Lasers Edit

  • ME Inductione

Assault Rifles Edit

Armours Edit

ICW (It Can Wait) Series

Virtue Series

Technology Incorporated Into Mazda Ex's Products Edit

RPAB (Rocket Propeller Assisted Bow)

FJIB (Fighter Jet Inspired Bullet)

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