"You thought puke worms were bad? This one will make you love 'em. A super tough worm with tons of abilities will sure to make you run. Far, far away. Whatever you do, do NOT get near its mouth!"
―Official Description

The Mega Worm is a super strong boss appearing in the mission Huge Tunnels. It is an extremely strong boss with many abilities. The savage version only starts appearing at level, oh, I dunno, 70?

It's size is depicted by the Huge Tunnels map.


  • HP: 4500000, 135000000
  • XP Rating: 10000, 2000000
  • Turn Rate: 90, 145
  • Speed: 1.2 (O_0)


Attacks or such.

  • Melee Attack: The basic melee attack. It deals a whopping 700 damage. 7000 damage for savage. Attacks with tail/limbs. How? It spins itself around, or waves its limbs. Attack recharge is 1.2 seconds.
  • Horn Attack: Lowers its head, then charges at the speed of an extra-fast Apex Runner. Deals 1200 damage (12000 savage) to all in his way, and also knocks them back 200 pixels.
  • Regurgitate: Regurgitates 1 or 2 Regurgitators. Savage mode regurgitates Regurgitator Elites and the occasional (6.25%) Savage regurgitator.
  • Spit: Spits a projectile forward. This either does Physical damage or (12.5% chance) energy damage. Both dealing 200 damage (2000 savage). The energy damage is dangerous because more armor doesn't resist energy.
  • Underground Drill: Drills underground for around 15 seconds at the speed of an evolved stalker. Anyone above the drill path will take 20 (40 savage) damage every frame!
  • Too Much Gas: Burps a cloud of gas out, the size of zombie antidote. This gives you a poison effect that deals 75 damage per frame! Savage is 125 damage per frame. Poison lasts for 5 seconds. Medkits cure poison.
  • OM NOM NOM: Uses this ability occasionally when a player gets near (35 pixl radius) of its mouth (20% chance of use every second). It lunges towards and eats the player, killing him instantly. It also gains the amount of health the player had left! Don't worry, you can still revive after he spits you out (10% chance every second). You won't start reviving until he spits you out.
  • Worm Release: Upon death, releases 100 Apex Puke worms and 150 Apex normal worms. Savage releases 200 Apex Puke and 300 normal worms.


Since this is a very strong boss, defeating it will yield high rewards.

  • 1 CM Zeus exclusion zone
  • 3 Ronson MK. V Flame Turrets
  • 1 Nantonium strongbox
  • 4 Other random boxes
  • 100000 SAS Cash