"Your puny weapons are nothing compared to the undead! Zombies, kill these weaklings at once!"

Necrominon at its stage.

Necrominon, Lord of the Undead, is the final boss of SAS5. Its before life as a scientest somehow passed into its zombie form, and it is the smartest of all the undead, attacking not the one who is nearest but the highest level, highest HP person who is the most threat. It comes on The Undeads Last Resort, and is very deadly due to its 33.3333% immunity to anything and everything.

Necrominon's stats

HP: 20,000,000

Speed: Stays in the middle of the room sending minions. A.K.A. 0.


Spitting: If you are anywhere on the map, Necrominon will fire a strange glob, simaler to Spitters. This does 3000 damage, and the acid does 30 DPT for 5 seconds.

Minionzhelpme: Spawns 2 savage regurgitators to rek you. (misspelling intentional)

You are dead: Fires 999 worms that do 10000 damage and die on impact in a direction, indicated by red, You have 3 seconds to get out of that 10 meter radius!

JUST DIE!: A random player dies. Will not use on single player mode, and it will be replaced by the previous one.

Infection(multiplayer only): One of the players turns into a zombie, causing them to attack fellow players and the player "controlling" it cant control it. Lasts until the zombie layer (100,000 HP) is killed or 1 minute passes.

REGURGITATECEPTION!: Regurgitates 4 mega worms that use regurgitate before suiciding. The regurgitators have 3x all power.

'supurior' intellect: Fires 3 vials. They do 2000 damage and the liquid in them turns into a "mini worm" (a mega worm with 1/10 power)

Nooo!: On death, sacrifices itself to spawn 2 mega worms. OP, right?