"A great man once said, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick.' Over a millennium later, Rancor has taken that statement to heart with the Negotiator. A huge corrosive explosion is sure to bring your enemies to the peace table, that is if they're not screaming something about the Geneva Convention as they melt away."
―Official Description

The Negotiator is a rocket launcher manufactured by Rancor. It will first begin appearing at Rank 20, although [RED] variants, due to being significantly stronger than normal [RED] variants of other weapons, only begin showing up after Rank 70. Although it lacks damage up front, the Negotiator has a massive damage-over-time and blast radius, ensuring maximum carnage on the battlefield. As such, the weapon is a very good crowd-control weapon despite its small clip size, as long as the player can afford to wait a second or two for the acid to do its work.

Another advantage of the Negotiator is that it is on the light end of the heavy weapon spectrum due to the nature of its ammunition, being much lighter than a traditional high explosive round. Despite this, it still hampers movement somewhat, although not quite to the degree of most other rocket launchers.


  • 250 damage per shot. 450 in the [RED] version.
  • 1250 damage over four seconds. 3000 in the [RED] version.
  • Blast radius is two meters. Can affect up to fifteen zombies per blast.
  • Five round clip. Reload time is 3.75 seconds.
  • Two rounds per second. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Movement penalty is -25.0%.
  • Ammunition costs 1000 credits for 50 rounds of ammunition, or 4000 credits for 50 rounds of High Damage ammunition. [RED] variant multiplies cost by ten.