NeoSteel aka Neodized Carbon-Titanium-Steel Alloy is an material invented and used only by Koprulu Marine Supply.

It is one of the hardest material yet invented, being able to withstand a diamond saw. However, the only way to manipulate it is via melting, which gives it critical exposure to heat. Some NeoSteel in use had been heat-fortified via gamma wave intensifying. NeoSteel, as many have realized, consists of Neodymium, Carbon Crystal, Titanium, and Steel. Those materials are all heavy-duty and increases weight of NeoSteel significantly.

As tested, a 2mm thick 5cm long NeoSteel stick can withstand 5000 pounds of force. When stood upright. Also, Neodymium and Carbon's unusual build-up neutralizes any acidic or energetic sources. As "energetic," it requires 200 million amp of gamma wave to completely penetrate through 5cm thick NeoSteel.

NeoSteel is favored by most military buildings, where a home-sized bunker with 1m thick of a wall can withstand 100 tactical nukes exploding on it at a same time, but a simple thermal device may blow away a whole battlecruiser as a whole.

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