image IS HERE YAY c=


The Image. It camed. I bestest at englishing.

Man, is useful for blue-tinting BLACK Versionboxes.

Will guarantee a clean 10*** gun, and no guns that drop below level 40 will come out of this box. Also, 100% key AND core chance. But look at the rarity. 0.0000000000000000000001%. Will have a 0.000002% to come out of a Black Strongbox. STRONGBOXES IN STRONGBOXES WOHOOO. Doesn't need a key(phew) but does cost 100,000 cash to open. Considering the Rarity, that is dirt cheap. Also, rarity on level 400 pods all hr NM will be 0.00005%. Whopee! Imagine getting a black gun out of this. It will guarantee a red or black gun so.... Yup finally a good chance to get yer black hornet or hiks!

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