"A nuclear facility is being attacked by infected people due to radiation. If the core gets destroyed, the whole population may get infected and an apocalypse will be caused."

~SAS4: More Zombies and Guns description for the Nuclear Industry mission.

The Nuclear Industry is a mission. Similar to Last Stand, but not exactly.


Italic text is info that's not shown on the game description.

  • Protect the nuclear core. It has 2000 HP, and takes -5% Toxic damage and does 65 damage to Physical attackers. It has a big armor with 20000 HP, it takes -20% damage from Physical attacks and takes 1% more damage from Thermal attacks (Because fire melts metal).
  • Kill the boss.
  • Escape from the nuclear core area and defuse the explosion.

You have 7 minutes where zombies will spawn. In the last 20 seconds, the boss will spawn. After you kill it, you're teleported to a big corridor filled with zombies. You have 2 minutes to reach the end and deactivate the explosion. If you fail, the facility explodes and you lose the mission.



Ignore the red dot in the downside path, it was acidental.

The black parts are walls. The dark gray part is where you and zombies can walk. The light gray parts are the nuclear core's armor. The red bars are where the zombies spawn. The blue things are nuclear turrets (They have infinite ammo (Their ammo is radiation, what would you expect of them with a big nuclear generator?), have the shooting speed of 1 shoot per second, do 100 damage, can pierce 21 zombies, and their projectile is just a quick beam that stays for 1 frame).


The corridor.

The pink thing is a healing thing. The yellow square is where you deactivate the thing. The deactivator thing's appearance is the same as the switches from Power Out.