"Trans-Federation Officers have high training in fire arms and hand-to-hand combat. Their weapons aren't very strong, but they give other soldiers morale."

You have to have a level 20 Character to use him. The Officer is a class. They start out with Z-A armor except for the helmet and the vest, which is an Officer's Helmet, and a Bulletproof Vest,+ a Z-0 and Whatever weapon you had your level 20 class have. For Example, if you used a CQC Specialist, he would have a Z-3 Shorty.

Skills Edit

Fists: This is the Officer's default skill. it does 300 damage (+50 every upgrade.) to zombies 10 Degrees (+0.1 every upgrade.) in front of him. 0.33 Sec cooldown time, 5 energy per use.

Morale Boost: Every player on the team gains +10% in every stat. (+2% every upgrade.) The Officer will have a golden aura around him and a more transparent aura around players. 20 sec cooldown time, 25 energy per use.

Ammo Shipment: Every player gets one clip of HD ammo. (+5% of a clip every level.) 120 sec cooldown time,(so you can't get unlimited HD ammo) 30 energy per use.

Reinforcements: Brings in 2 SAS Soldiers. (+1 every 5 levels.) Their classes can be: Heavy, Medic, Assault, CQC Specialist, Sniper, Sapper, Enigneer or Grenadier. They have all default gear, and gain 100 Health every level. 70 sec cooldown time, 40 energy per use. Unlocked at level 20.

Passive Skills Edit

Morale: Every Team member gains a boost of 3% increased stats. (+0.2% every level.)

High Priority: Zombies are 25% more likely (+0.5% every level.) to attack the Officer. Keep him Guarded! It also increases Strongbox drop chance by 5%

Training: Guns do 5% more damage and armor protects 5% more. (+0.1% every level.) Officer is Also 10% faster.

Martial Arts: Increases speed by 2% every level, increases Fists' damage by 3% every level, and gives a chance to dodge attacks.

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