"Alright men. Here's the scene. HDE has declared war against us. Gracchus is sending us mechs to use, and 66Mazda, Skyrunner, Derpinator, Ronson and Critical Mass are backing us. Rubicon, HVM, HVM-HTD, and possible others are backing HDE. I suggest you write your wills, and say goodbye to your families. We know we will win, but we don't know what the cost will be. Remember: FEEL NO FEAR! KNOW OUR PRIDE! FOR GOD AND XENON WE WILL TAKE THEIR LIVES!"
― Ghostwolf18

Operation SunScreen was the first step in preparing for an invasion. Using a small fleet of Xenon Battleships and several thousand Xenon soldiers, the plan is to spread out along Actonias neighboring asteroid belt. Gun crews were positioned along the belt to prepare for an invasion by ship.

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