"Soldiers, if we want to win this war and beat the Trans-Federation eggheads on Earth, we need supplies! Our mining facility on the lava planet Notus is running dry of Nantonium, and we need to get some more! Fortunately, our clumsy, lazy enemies have a platform in interstellar space that was infected, evacuated, and abandoned. Within is a vast Nantonium storage contains hundreds of tons of the stuff. If we can get in there, retrieve the Nantonium, and cleanse it, we'll be set for the rest of this damnable point in our history."

-General Krakus Halentov's briefing

Operation: Armory is a mission in SAS4. It takes place on an infested Trans-Fed Nantonium storage platform during the year 3123, during the height of the The Great Space War of Doom and Depression. The central idea of the mission is to get ahold of the Nantonium with the use of protected Loaderbots and then cleanse the Thera virus from them, all while fighting zombies.

Mission Outline Edit

The mission begins right inside the storage area. The SAS squad will go north a little ways into a fairly large room, with a huge stack of Nantonium in the middle. Two friendly Loaderbots that have been protected from the digital strain are on the left side of the pile. During the course of the mission, the Loaders will carry chunks of Nantonium from the pile, through a hallway, and into another room with a blue ring in the middle. The squad's objective is to protect the Loaderbots for 20 minutes, by which time the pile will be in the blue cleansing ring. While the cleansing takes place, the boss will attack.

Achievements/Easter Eggs Edit

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