- Otherworldly Corporation -
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Founded 1400 BC
"Otherworldy Corp.'s founder was the leader of a race of superhuman beings that are known as the ancients. They have took some of their amazing tech and brought it to Earth. Their weapons are strange but extremely powerful..."
―Official Desc.
"Above all, never betray your own."

History Edit

2033: Otherworldly Corp. came to Earth and sold their first weapon: Rapture

2037: Otherworldly Corp. made their first armor set: The Sacrifice

2045: Otherworldly Corp. created various weapons such as The stormbringer

2060: Otherworldly Corp. was raided by a rogue ancient and could not make any more weapons due to stolen equipment.

3000: The rogue ancient was finally tracked down and Otherworldly Corp. managed to salvage some of its equipment.

3104: The zombie virus outbreak started, and Otherworldly Corp. made the Divinarius.

Weapons and armor Edit

Pistols: ==Reaper's Pursuit==


Shotguns: ==Manticore==

Sniper Rifles: ==Shadowstalker==




Disc throwers:

Rocket launchers: ==Winterheart==

Other: ==Divinarius==, ==The stormbringer==

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