"The Oversoul was once the outer casing of an evil spirit. The ancients managed to expel the spirit from the suit and figured out how to mass-produce it. Now, it is one of the most powerful vehicles in the market."
―Official Desc.
The oversoul is a unique vehicle manufactured by Otherworldly Industries. It has 3 weapons: The lightning ray, Ice spikes, and Slam.
Weapon Conception
- Oversoul -
Similar to the Vaal oversoul in Path of Exile
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile Lightning ray 1500, 3542 [RED], 6443 [BLACK], Ice spikes 800, 1900 [RED], 2850 [BLACK] Slam attack 2445, 5000 [RED], 8745 [BLACK]
Pierce Lightning ray 10, Ice spikes 4,
Rate of Fire Lightning ray 1.5 rps, Ice spikes 5 rps, Slam 0.5 rps
Capacity Lightning ray 10, Ice spikes 30
Reload Time Lightning ray 3 sec, Ice spikes 2.5 sec
Area of Effect Slam 2.00
Movement -10%
Firing Mode Lightning ray Semi auto, Ice spikes Full auto, Slam semi auto
Weapon Class Vehicle
Damage Type Lightning ray energy, Ice spikes thermal, Slam attack half physical, half fire
Approx. Drop Level 55, 100 [RED] and [BLACK]
Ammo Cost 15 energy (slam)
Additional Stats
Ignores 10% of enemy resistances

You take 30% less damage 25% of physical damage you take is chaos (Chemical) damage 25% of damage you deal is chaos damage

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