The Phoenix TRI Cerberus is a 3 barreled machinegun initially designed for use on the Guardian but works just as well on a Cataclysm.

This thing is pretty unweildy for a person, it needs to be mounted on something or other.

""This weapon is capable of a very high DPS output, it's effectivity when used correctly can perform it's role very effectively and can take down hordes of infected." ~ Phoenix Worker " ~ Description

"Created quite recently in 3008, this is simular to weapons on battleships from 1000 years prior. It was made by Phoenix to provide very rapid-fire weaponry to Guardian units, it's also just as effective when mounted on a Cataclysm. This weapon has an unmatched rate of fire! It helps to stay clear of this" ~ ALT Description

The Cerberus has miniscule damage, an incredibly high ROF and quite good DOT. This comes packages with good ol' Phoenix thermal damage

The Weapon overall is impossible to encounter in most circumstances, however it's merely uncommon in cases where it can be found.

Stats: Normal Edit

Ammo Cost: 200 per 1000 shots.

Damage (thermal): 20 per shot

ROF (per minute): 1000 (per barrel)

DOT Per Second (thermal): 80

DOT Duration (seconds): 2.5

Pierce: 1

Movement penalty: -45% (-6% for a Guardian or Cataclysm)

Stats: [RED] Edit

Ammo Cost: 2000 per 1000 shots.

Damage (thermal): 40 per shot

ROF (per minute): 1250 (per barrel)

DOT Per Second (thermal): 260

DOT Duration (seconds): 5

Pierce: 1

Movement penalty: -45% (-6% for a Guardian or Cataclysm)

Trivia Edit

  • I based the ROF on real fire-arms. Even though 1000 (or 1250) per minute is still quite high.

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