Weapon Conception
- Paralyzer -
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 20mm diamater
Ammunition Material metallic skeleton taser
Muzzle Velocity 300 m/s
Weight 7.2 kg loaded
Accessories night sight, horizontal grip/pump
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 200 WHITE Version
500 RED Version
750 BLACK Version
1000 Prem
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 800 WHITE Version
2000 RED Version
3000 BLACK Version
4000 Prem over 3 sec
Pierce 3, 5 Prem
Rate of Fire 2 RPS (overclockable)
Capacity 12, 18 BLACK Version
Reload Time 3 sec, 2.6 sec RED Version
Area of Effect 2.4 m
Movement -15%
Firing Mode Semi-Auto (Pump-Action)
Weapon Class Shotgun
Damage Type EnergyicoShock
Approx. Drop Level 38 WHITE Version
95 RED Version&BLACK Version
Ammo Cost same as 1887 Shockfield
Ammo Used [?] Special Operations Ballastic Taser
Additional Stats
- Shock triggered on hit, jumps only once, and all targets it will recieve DoT but only primary target gets instant damage
"23rd century non-lethal taser weapon remodeled and modified to drop most human and non-human targets dead with single shot"
―Official Description

Paralyzer is a single-pellet EnergyicoShock pump-action shotgun manufactured by S&T Motiv.

Triva Edit

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