Weapon Conception
- Particle Accelerated Cannon -
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Credits to Bing445.

Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions .50 cal (Bullet)
Ammunition Material Iron (Bullet)
Tungsten (Tungsten)
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 2400
Pierce Infinite
Projectiles / shot [?] 5 to 20
Rate of Fire 1/3 secs
Capacity 50
Reload Time 4 seconds
Movement 99%
Firing Mode Semi-Auto
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 100
Ammo Cost $300 for 1 Bullet
$1000 for 1 Tungsten
Single DPS [?] 5261666.67 average 451 pellets
Pierce DPS [?] infinity
"Accelerated Death"
―Official Description

Using technology from the olden-day Large Hadron Collider, the PAC has a mini-LHC on its back. The PAC uses the mini-LHC to speed up tungsten molecules to extreme speeds, then proceeds to discharge them towards the main bullet. When the main bullet is hit, the tungsten splits up the bullet into a random amount of flechettes. The flechettes and the tungsten proceeds to hit the target at insanely high speeds. The flechettes spead out quickly but the tungsten molecule does not stray from its path.The projectiles hit the target at such high speeds that the target is pushed back. This does not happen for bosses. Every time the PAC shoots, the barrel fractures and needs to be fixed. The mini-LHC on its back makes it very heavy, so you must have a fast character for moving around with this.

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