What's known as the "Phoenix tier" items are a set of items and weapons made by Phoenix Corporations, these mostly revolve around fire, fire and more fire. Almost all of the weapons can apply devestating fire effects whilst the armor gives significant resistances to fire.

Phoenix's items usually specialise in long term high fire damage and little else.

The items in general are quite rare but they can be very powerful.

Unfortunately a lot of things can be malevolent, more than capable of harming you or your team.

More information and maybe "lore" and stuff like that may arrive once more items/weapons/ect exist for them.


Phase 1

A very old company, said to be created and run by the actual Phoenix have made a LOT of fire based products of all different things, e.g "almost" weapon grade fireworks, lighters that seem more like plasma-cutters and laser-pointers that're capable of welding certain metals/plastics, but fairly soon they started making weapons, the market at the time seemed very primitive compared to what the Phoenix and the rest of the team believed they were capable of, quickly the incredible fire-tech easily dominated a lot of the market, and ever since they've been making a massive variety of weapons (if you consider a large amount of ways to simply set things on fire to be "a massive variety").

Phase 2

Phoenix, since 2946 have stepped into what has been known by fans of the company as a "2nd phase", Phoenix started expanding their fields from things aside from fire and have encompassed Blue, Purple and BLACK weapons very quickly and easily (and to top it off, Phoenix have done a great job of this). The weapons of the company have grown vastly stronger at this point and are hardly contested with their vicious elemental capabilities and versatility.

Spearheaded by the success of their Phase 1 weapons and a burst of new military capabilities Phoenix have attained incredible technology.


Burst Armour


PX Tagger



PX - 05P "Sweeper"


PX2 - 645 "Shard"


PX - AMP "Horror" ? [[PX - 536 "Shard"

Special weapons

PX - 10C "Meltie"

PX - AMP "Horror" ?

LX - 01A "Scorch" ???

PX - AP2 "Void"

PX - TRI "Cerberus"

PX - 15U "Blood-Roar"

Ranged explosives

CX - 44 "Critical Phoenix"

PX - 50A "Fire-work"

Thrown explosives


PX - 5CC "Flame-Shield"


Fire Burst