- Piercer -


Piercer Zombie

First Appearance: Rank Levels: 2/30/45/65
Native Habitat: next to any map, and all maps in Nightmare mode
Organism Type: Zombie
Base HP: 450/850/1600/3200
Turn Rate: 220 degrees per second
Melee Damage: 300/600/1200/2400
Melee Delay: 1.3 seconds
Melee Range: 1.9 meters, 2.1 meters evolved and Apex
Resistances: 20/25/30/35% Physicalico Physical, and Piercers take 20% extra damage from chemical sources
Movement Speed: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 m/s
XP Value: 30/60/120/240
Additional Stats
Piercers will ignore 20% of armor, and with dark minion they will ignore 95% of armor
"These horrifying monsters seem to be what have been digging all the tunnels we see during our missions. They are mildly resistant to bullets and pack a serious punch: These Zombies are a force to be reckoned with."
―Official description

Tactics: Edit

Piercers, especially ones at high levels are most easily dealt with from far away due to their slow speed. If possible, avoid using a physical weapon on them. The HIKS 3100 for example is perfect against Piercers.

On the Map meltdown, one must be very wary of Piercers coming up, due to the incredibly tight areas around the map.

Other information Edit

Appearance wise, a Piercer is similar to a stalker, but more of a dark grey and lacking horns. Piercers do not have hands: Instead, they have pick-axe like claws.

A Nightmarish Apex Piercer is an incredibly dangerous thing, as it actually gains huge physical resistance and has sizable toxic resistance as well (compared to basic ones at least). Additionally, it ignores 28% of armor; these can demolish even tanks.

Extremely dangerous with Extra strong, Dark minion, poisoned limbs, berserk, extra fast (they are slow), and chitinous hide.

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