The Pistol, Incendiary, Mk.II (or Pistol-I Mk.2) is one of two pistol designs made by Royal Ordnance.

the Pistol-I fires superheated slag instead of a bullet. the impact itself does very low damage but the following incineration does great damage over time. it has decent stats in most other areas and a good ammo capacity that lets it fire for extended periods, although its fire rate is low compared to most Royal Ordnance weapons and it is semi-auto.

Stats Edit

  • 40 damage up front and another 200 over 3 seconds. the RED version has double damage.
  • pierces 2 zombies.
  • no movement penalty.
  • 32 rounds in the clip.
  • fires up to 8 rounds per second in semi auto.
  • takes 1.9 seconds to reload.
  • uses thermal pistol ammo.

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