The Pistol, Pattern .45, Mk.VII (or Pistol .45 Mk.7) is the more traditional of the two sidearms made by Royal Ordnance.

the Pistol .45 does not fire its bullets at very high speed and thus has lackluster damage. however it can be made to fire very fast in skilled hands. automatic modifications exist but they often greatly damage the pistol and thus are not recommended for use. the Pistol .45 also carries a huge clip allowing for heavy weight of fire like many other Royal Ordnance weapons.

Stats Edit

  • 155 damage. the RED version has double damage.
  • does not pierce.
  • no move penalty.
  • 40 rounds in the clip.
  • fires up to 13 rounds per second in semi auto.
  • takes 1.8 seconds to reload.
  • unlimited ammunition unless using premium ammo.

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