Prestige is a choice a player makes when they reach level 100. It will make them have new rank of Prestige 1 Rank 1. Players will keep going further into the game, until they hit prestige 10 Rank 100.

Each Rank-up will cost (XP for non-prestige) * (Prestige number). For example, Prestige 1 Rank 2 would take same amount of non-prestige, which is 1071 XP and 1288 XP for Prestige 1 Rank 3, ans so on. Prestige 2 Rank 2 would be 2X of non-prestige, which is 2142 and 2 * 1288 = 2576 XP for Prestige 2 Rank 3 and so on.

For every prestige, the level value used for mission generation is increased by 10%, at maximum of doubling difficulty at prestige 10. If there's a full lobby of Prestige 10 Level 100, it would be Level 800 lobby.

When a player prestige, the weapon and armors are stored in prestige locker, where players will retrieve when they reach the rank they found the weapon/armor. They will also start with total starter weapons and armors, which are full Z-A armor set, Z-0 or Z-M, and whatever the weapon the class started with.

On prestige 1, player decides specification on the class they played as, which would unlock 4 extra specified skills.

Prestige Skills Edit

Upon prestige, player unlocks 4 new global skills.

Prestige 1 Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth
Brain Enhancement

Increases XP awarded from games.

+2% XP +50% XP

+2% per level

Ammo Efficiency

There is a chance that the shot drains no ammo.

2% chance 50% chance +2% per level
Selective Fire

Turns semi-auto and burst-fire weapons into full-auto.

RPS is limited to 8 RPS default.

Costs 10 skill points

Level 1 Max

n/a n/a n/a
Duel Wield

Can now hold 2 primaries or sidearms together and bring 2 sidearms into games. At expense of lowered accuracy and reload speed.

Toggled by tab key.

Player will be sped up/slowed down by both weapons holding.

Right-click to fire 2nd, duel-wielded weapon.

Reload will be triggered when both weapons run out of clip.

+100% weapon spread

Reload time is (reload time of both added) X 1.8

+4% weapon spread

Reload time is (reload time for both added) X 0.84

-4% spread, -0.04 reload time mult per level

Prestige 2 Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth
Steady Aim

Reduces weapon spread and increases range.

-4% weapon spread

+10% range

-64% weapon spread

+130% range

-2.5% weapon spread, +5% range per level
Trade Agreement

Reduced ammo cost

-10% ammo cost

-5% for HD

free ammo

-50% for HD

-3.75% ammo cost per level

-1.875% HD ammo cost per level

Critical Points

Increases Crit Damage

(adds atop of Critical Shot)

+10% Crit Damage atop of that from Critical Shot +202% Crit Damage atop of that from Critical Shot +8% Crit Damage per level
Efficient Backpacker

Increases number of weapons carried into games

Costs 5 Skill Points

Level 5 Max

+1 Primary Slot

can carry sidearms on primary slots

+5 Primary Slot

+2 Sidearm Slot

can carry sidearms on primary slots

+Primary Slot per level

+1 Sidearm Slot on level 2 and 5(max)

Prestige 3 Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth
Grenade Cache

SAS retrieves grenades from every loot pick-up.

Level 10 Max

1 Frag Grenade per loot pickup 10 Frag Grenade per loot pickup

5 Cyro Grenade per loot pickup

+1 Frag/level

+1 Cyro every 2 levels

Extras Master

Grenade and Turret damage increases per Rank.

The buff resets on Player Rank 30

+1% Damage/Rank +25% Damage/Rank +1% /Level
Finishing Blow

Lower the zombies' health, higher damage given.

If Health below 22%

Up to +50% on 0% Health

If Health below 70%

Up to +170% on 24% Health and beyond.

+2% to health requirement

+5% Damage

+1% to bottom line health.

Fast Learner

Grants a small chance to get an extra skill point upon leveling up.

1% chance 25% chance +1% chance/level

Prestige 4 Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth
Double Tab 2.0

Grants chance to double number of fletchettes fired by the weapon.

2% chance 38% chance +1.5% per level

Minor damage is completely ignored

Counts before other damage reduction

less than 2% of health less than 26% of health +1% per level

Major damage has chance to be reduced

Counts before other damage reduction

more than 50% of health, 10% to reduce by 20% more than 26% of health, 34% to reduce by 68% -1% health req, +1% chance, +2% reduction

Increase crit chance and reload speed of everyone in radius depending on # of ppl

Does not count assault teams

+10% damage & reload per person, 2m radius +58% damage & reload per person, 4.4m radius +2% bonus, +0.1m radius

Prestige 5 Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth
Plasma Shield

Player gains a shield that regenerated quickly when out of combat

Shield does not have any resistance

If player already have shield and its regen, then it would be additive

28% of Health, 5 sec cooldown, +2%/sec 100% of Health, 2.6 sec cooldown, +4.4%/sec +3% amount, -0.1 sec cooldown, +0.1% regen
Maim Expert

Melee attacker has a chance to be stunned. Still recieves damage

10% to stun for 1 sec 28% to stun for 3.4 sec +0.75%, +0.1 sec

Teleports to furthest teammate

Can take damage from both areas while teleporting (destination and source)

Costs energy

Have cooldown

Takes 5 sec to complete

74 Energy

120 sec cooldown

Takes 2.6 sec to complete

50 Energy

84 sec cooldown

-0.2 sec, -1 e, -1.5 sec
Power Overwhelming

Gains damage boost at cost of vulnerability

80 energy

60 sec cooldown

+100% Damage

removes all damage reduction from the player

6 sec duration

+340% Damage

removes all damage reduction from the player

30 sec duration

+10%, +1 sec

Prestige 6 Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth
Looting Expert

Increases chance of loot drop

+10% (multiplicative) +250% (3.5 times chance) +10%
Equipment Expert

Increases grade of looted gear

Costs 20 skill points

+1 grade +2 grade, +1 slot +1 slot for 2nd

+1 grade for 3rd

Piercing Blow

Increases all pierce

+4% double pierce +4%
Equipment Mastery

Increases Mastery XP gained

+10% +154% +6%

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