Weapon Conception
- Punishment -
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 180
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 35 RpS
Capacity 280
Reload Time 3.8 seconds
Movement -35%
Firing Mode Full-auto
Weapon Class Laser
Damage Type EnergyicoEnergy
Approx. Drop Level 25
"A weapon that ensures death, the Punishment is a jumble of forbidden technologies. Banned for the mass destruction it can possibly cause, the Punishment is temporarily being produced for the elite forces and wealthy."
―Official Description
The Punishment is a Prem laser created by Rancor.

It deals excellent DpS, compared to the Hotspot; which is a jumbo-size SMG. It also has a high pierce of three, and capable of homing into the target; effective crowd control. Unfortunately, there is major drawbacks too, such as the large movement penalty, long reload time, and short clip size.

It's unlocked at level 25, and costs 120 Ninja Kiwi coins.

Trivia Edit

  • If SkyrunnerM35 uses this weapon, the damage and RpS will increase by 500x. Also infinite clip.
    • However, the pierce will be reduced to zero. There's no loops around it.
  • The laser can home.
  • It's part of the TS35 Premium Weapons pack.

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