"Radiaton's first try. Not very good performance against multiple enemies, but great against single targets."
―Official Description

The Radiation-110 aka Violin Spider is Radiation's first ever weapon. Necrosis is immune to this gun's DoT.


Damage: 50 Toxic damage.

Damage over time: 1000 Toxic damage over 20 seconds. Damage of DoT does stack.

RoF: 3 RpS.

Movement penalty: -2%.

Ammo cost: Same as Poison Claw.

Firing Mode: Semi Auto.

Piercing: 2.


Not very useful against groups due to the low pierce and low fire rate, but very strong against single-target due to the high DoT. Shoot a boss a few times, then run and wait for the damage over time to cause huge damages, then repeat.

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