Blue Ring

All hail the shotguns with pistol grips instead of stock.

"Made in collaboration with Shotlite, purpose was to compete with Stripper and poison viri with their own poison. The bullets enter inside soft target and release heavy gas for mass assassination."
―Official Description

The RDT-256 aka Blue Ring is a shotgun made by Radiation.

Red version has its blue rings replaced by red glowing rings.


Weapon class: Burst Shotgun.

Bullets per shot: 8.

Damage type: Chemical.

Damage: 60, 120 RED Version.

Fire rate: Each burst shoots 3 rounds at 15 rps rof. Can shoot 2 bursts per second.

Movement penalty: -3%.

Ammo: RDT Toxin.

Píerce: 1.

DoT: 100 damage for 4 seconds normal, 200 damage for 5 seconds RED Version.

Capacity: 10, 15 RED Version.

Reload speed: 3.5 seconds.

Drops at levels 45 and 100 for RED Version


  • Shotguns are my favourite weapons, if you didn't notice.
  • Shotlite helped Radiation in making Blue Ring, that's why it's so powerful while being light and has burst fire mode. The weight is purely from the poison inside its bullets.
  • I forgot to add the trigger, so pretend like you shoot by screaming "SHOOT!" while holding the gun.

LeotheFox (Talk | Edits) 16:59, January 29, 2015 (UTC)

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