"One of Rubicon's older designs, retrofitted with an advanced auto-target that allows it to easily take out the vitals of hostiles and makes up for its otherwise lackluster performance."

The RIA 15 is an assault rifle manufactured by Rubicon Industries. Appearing very early in the game, the RIA 15 looks highly unimpressive on paper. With stats comparable to the starter equipment, it may be difficult to see why one would use it at first. The [RED] version appears much later than would be expected, but improves on the weapon to an immense degree in multiple areas.

The RIA 15's advantage over other weaponry of its level is in its auto-target system. The gun is very forgiving towards the new players likely to use it and can automatically adjust aim to hit zombies the player would otherwise miss. The RIA 15 also has a passive chance to deal critical hits, and improves their damage.

Statistics Edit

  • 90 base damage. [RED] variant increases damage to 225.
  • Hits a single zombie. [RED] variant increases to two zombies.
  • Eight rounds per second. Full automatic fire mode.
  • Sixty round capacity. [RED] variant increases to ninety rounds. 2.5 second reload time.
  • Displays a green laser sight indicating where shots will travel. [RED] variant changes color to violet.
  • Automatically guides missed shots to their targets, at a limit of up to fifteen degrees off.
  • 10 percent built-in critical chance. Increases critical damage by an additional 50 percent. [RED] variant has 15 percent built-in critical chance and 75 percent additional critical damage.
  • -15.0% movement penalty.
  • Begins appearing in Strongboxes immediately. [RED] variant does not begin showing up until Rank 40.

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