Weapon Conception
- Commander Custom Striker -
Commander Custom Striker (Updated) (4)Most of the weapon was designed by Kamarin. I did a couple of modifications.
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 9.69x78mm (about .38 cal)
One molecule of TNF Fuel
Ammunition Material DXZ-3919 Ultra-Alloy-reinforced osmium
Muzzle Velocity 30,000 ft./sec.
Weight 10 lbs. (unloaded)
15 lbs. (loaded)
Accessories (all integrated)
XB356 IR Triangulator laser sight
Dual 15,000 TW homing plasma tentacles
DXZ-3919 Ultra-Alloy tripod
ZA306 Slasher bayonet
1,500-lumen tac-light
XA719 Vaporizer antiplasma grenade launcher
XB209 Targetter scope (up to 6X magnification)
XB928 Cardiograph heartbeat sensor
XA703 Volcano flamethrower
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile Main Gun: 3,750
Flamethrower: 300
Grenade Launcher: 15,000
Total DoT/Projectile [?] MG: 1,250/2 seconds
F: 3500/2 seconds
Pierce MG: 5.0 (Bullet); 10.0 (Explosion)
F: 10.0
GL: 20.0
Rate of Fire MG: 10.0 RPS (Semi-Auto); 4.0 RPS (Burst)
F: 20.0 RPS
GL: 10.0 RPS
Capacity MG: 120
F: 900
GL: 1
Reload Time MG: 1.80 seconds
F: 3.00 seconds
GL: 0.50 seconds
Area of Effect MG: 0.80 m
F: 0.50 m
GL: 2.00 m
Movement -15.0%
Firing Mode MG: Semi-Auto; 3-Round Burst
F: Full-Auto
GL: Semi-Auto
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage Type MG: Thermalico Thermal
F: Thermalico Thermal
GL: Physicalico Physical
Ammo Cost MG: $1600 for 200 normal
$6400 for 200 HDA

F: $160 for 100 normal
$640 for 100 HDA
GL:$160 for 50 normal
$640 for 50 HDA

Single DPS [?] Multiply all values by 3 when SkyrunnerM35 is wielding an [ORIGINAL] quality.

MG: 50,000 Semi-Auto
60,000 Burst
F: 76,000

Pierce DPS [?] Multiply all values by 3 when SkyrunnerM35 is wielding an [ORIGINAL] quality.

MG: 2,500,000 Semi-Auto
3,000,000 Burst
F: 760,000
GL: 600,000

Ammo Used [?] 9.69x78mm TNS-TH-C APHEI Fragmenting Rounds
TNF Fuel
40mm TNAPG Rounds
Additional Stats
+10% Crit Chance

15% on Crit to Super Crit (MG only)
Ignores 100% of all resists, including from skills, as well as shield-type defenses.
[ORIGINAL] quality gets a 10X damage boost to this gun when held by SkyrunnerM35.

"This deadly weapon is the result of a collaboration between Terran Armory and Rubicon. Also called the SkyrunnerM35 Mod after its inventor, this upgrade to the popular RIA 20 Striker is more powerful than even the Mjolnir. Being the first Terran Armory weapon, this is one of their most iconic pieces of equipment. This weapon is everything you could ever want in a gun and more. Modified to be left-handed convenient, this gun is very popular among lefty shooters."
―Official Description


The RIA 20 Striker (Commander Custom), Commander Custom Striker, or RIA 20 Striker TFU-SKM35 (I will refer to it with any of the three) is a powerful, heavily-modified RIA 20 Striker modified by Terran Armory. It's not a gun, but rather an augment. It costs $15,000,000 and needs to be applied to a 12**** RED Version empty Striker and won't work on any other gun. This is the normal quality. You can get one in [GENUINE] quality by getting one as an independent weapon from a strongbox. The first one (aka mine) is in [ORIGINAL] quality. The name is displayed in yellow text when seen in multiplayer, has the premium weapon background, and if the one wielding an [ORIGINAL] Commander Custom Striker is named SkyrunnerM35 (either me, or anyone creating a character with the name), the gun will have a 3X damage boost. It has select-fire, which is toggled by pressing "Y", similar to the Hawkeye's bullet settings. The two modes are the good-old semi-auto, and a 3-round burst. The gun also has a grenade launcher (fire by pressing right-click) and a flamethrower. (fire by pressing middle-click)

Other features include:

  • A heartbeat sensor (Detects zombies through walls and identifies hitboxes)
  • An extendable tripod (Press "G" to drop the gun as a sentry and press "G" again anywhere to have it teleport to you. It'll automatically teleport to you once it runs out of ammunition)
  • Dual plasma tentacles (Automatically extend out of the gun and instantaneously latching on to the zombies closest to you or the strongest boss within range, dealing 1 damage 1000 times a second)
  • Revenge crits (Just like the Frontier Justice. Each of your sentries store 2 guaranteed crits on each kill, and 1 on each assist. Crits are granted to your gun when the sentry runs out of ammunition. Sentries built by the TMSOA MK. II or III will grant crits when destroyed. Revenge crits always deal 3X damage regardless of skills)
  • A tac-light (Automatically activates in dark places)
  • Once you get into melee range, a 1.5-meter-long bayonet activates and stabs the zombie, dealing 1000 damage every half-second. It automatically retracts once all zombies exit the 1.5-meter-range of the bayonet.
  • Press "B" to use the adrenaline syringe held in the stock. It applies a level 25 Adrenaline effect to your guy for 15 seconds and is single-use.
  • The main gun also has a chance to Super Crit, with the chance being 15% on crit (Revenge Crits included). Super Crits for this gun deal 10X crit damage.
  • In addition to that, it fires adaptive armor-piercing rounds that ignore all resists, INCLUDING resists from Tough Body, Die Another Day, and shield-type armor. Put short: this gun can punch clean through even a TMSOA MK. II's defenses and kill the guy wearing it in a single burst.
  • End result: One of the most overpowered guns in the game.


  • The original Commander Custom Striker is an independent weapon in itself. After Rubicon was founded in 3003, Terran Armory figured out how to modify a regular Striker into a Commander Custom one, as this is cheaper than building it from scratch.
  • The original idea was going to be a 10*** RED Version Striker (BLACK Version stuff and cores didn't exist yet) with slight increases in certain stats, 3-round burst, and a grenade launcher, but I got a little carried away designing the weapon.
  • Rubicon wasn't very happy at the "unauthorized upgrade, manufacture, and sale" (funny, because the non-[GENUINE] versions were created by a collaboration of Rubicon and us) of this gun, so they teamed up with Rancor and built the T20 Rampage.
  • A right-handed version can be obtained via giving a "CI" RIA 20 Striker (Commander Custom) Ambidextrous Adaptation to this gun.
  • TNS-TH-C APHEI Fragmenting Rounds stands for Terran Network Standard Thermal Heavy Custom Armor-Piercing High-Explosive Incendiary Fragmenting Rounds, TNF Fuel stands for Terran Network Flamethrower Fuel, and TNAPG Rounds stands for Terran Network Antiplasma Grenade Rounds.
  • The gun was originally going to have the ability where if someone who was BOTH right-handed AND a high-level Assault were to touch this, the gun would self-destruct and permanently kill the character, AKA deleting it. This was eventually scrapped.

Gallery Edit

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