The Regurgigitator is a dangerous T4 boss. On death 5 (yes, 5) regurgitators and 25 Bloaters come out. For Savage, 3 Savage Regurgitators and 20 Lesser Behemoths come out.
"Sporting arms like large stones, this appears to be an Evolved Regurgitator that was damaged during the mutation. Beware, as this beast can spray out regurgitators as easily as a sprinkler sprays water."
―Official Description

Stats Edit

HP: 500,000/7,000,000

DMG: 1900/3100

PRS: 0.6/0.8

Stronbox Dropchance: 100%

Turn Speed: 120 DPS

Attacks Edit

Slam: Basic attack.

Smash: Jumps up in the air. A spot on the ground glows red, and if you are on the spot 3 seconds after it appears, you take 3000/7000 damage. If you do not get directly hit, you take 500-1000/2000-5000 damage.

Regurgigitate: Regurgitates 2 regurgitators/a savage regurgitator.

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