"Recently the SAS Team found the nest of the Regurgitators. Seemingly it has a lot of parasited zombies that comes from zombie pods or zombie nests. The task here is to defeat all Regurgitators in the nest and exterminate the mutated one, if you can."

~Description for Regurgitator's Nest mission.

Regurgitator's Nest is a mission. Your task here is to defeat all Regurgitators and the Evolved Regurgitator of the nest. There's a lot of parasited zombies in your way to the Evolved Regurgitator. Most of the zombies are usually Bloaters. No other boss aside from the Regurgitators will appear here.


(Although they have been said earlier, there's more tasks than kill Regurgitators.)

Destroy the Parasited Nest

This task is very simple - destroy the Parasited Nest that's localized near the entrance. The nest is blocking your way, so there's no way to avoid destroying them. The nest will spawn easy parasited zombies like Parasited Fetid Shamblers. After destroying the nest, you will be presented by 6 Puke Worms.

Erradicate the Regurgitator

After walking a bit, you will find a Regurgitator. Use any weapon you want, but be careful - a Parasited Nest is there too, also blocking your way. Those spawn easy zombies, however. After killing the Regurgitator, the nests will automatically be destroyed.

Kill the horde of Zombies

After the 1st turn, you will find a horde of zombies. Most of those are Evolved, and most of the Evolved Elites have Poisoned Limbs + Parasited combo, or the Acid Blood + Parasited combo. There are, in total, 36 zombies to kill. At the end of the rush, another Regurgitator will come.

Destroy the horde of Worms

After the 2nd turn, you will find at least, 60 Puke Worms in your direction. After destroying all, ANOTHER Regurgitator will come. After that, you can go to the hole, which has a lot of Puke Worms to destroy.

Kill the Evolved Regurgitator

After exiting the hole of the hellish worms, you will find a HUGE room. Right at the start, THREE Regurgitators will come at your direction. After killing them, move foward, and you will find the Evolved Regurgitator. Destroy it with massive power. Oh, and there's FIVE Parasited Nests around him, although they're automatically destroyed after killing the Evolved Regurgitator. Those nests will summon Fetid Parasited Runners with NO mercy.


After killing the Evolved Regurgitator, the nests will drop one Molybdenium Strongbox each, and the mutated thing itself will drop ALWAYS a Thilitium Strongbox.


Regurgitator's Nest

Worse. Map. Ever.

Purple points = Parasited Nests.

Red points = That horde from "Kill the horde of Zombies" task.

Blue wavy lines = Puke Worms.

Green wavy lines = Worms.

Small green + black + red color combo point = Regurgitators.

Big green + black + red color combo point = Evolved Regurgitator.