The Resistance is a robotic suit made by Cobra for the CCCC1.

The Resistance is a semi-robotic class in SAS5.

It, like the Guardian is capable of dual wielding however this class is designed for both tanking and using melee weapons.

The Resistance has 1 primary weapon slot and 1 melee weapon slot. The Primary goes in the right hand and the melee on the left.

If a mounted weapon is given to the resistance it will be held with both hands and you will not be able to use a melee weapon.

Another melee weapon CAN be given to the Resistance's primary slot.

The Resistance's abilities are mostly for brute force.

It starts off with nothing.

If a weapon isn't equipped it can punch instead (with either or both hands), this does 100 damage with a ROF of 2 and it doesn't need to reload.

Because of the fact this is a heavy, robotic suit it's capable of using melee weapons far better than an average person could and needs practically no reloading ever.

Melee weapons changes Edit

When Resistance has a melee weapon it gets the following:

+155% Damage.

-25% ROF.

1000% Ammo.

Skills Edit

The Resistance can apply elemental effects to it's weapons to deal further damage. Almost every skill is a passive; making it strong overall however there is little to use in sticky situations.

1. Concussion: This worked so well for the Heavy, it has been modified for use in the Resistance. When the opponents aren't moving they're significantly easier to attack. (passive)

2. Acid focus: Shots/weapons can be modified internally to have acid in them, this can help to wreck through armour. (passive)

3. Anti-matter focus: Through binding weapons with anti-matter the Resistance can do horrifying damage. (passive)

4. Scanner: Built in computers can let the Resistance find weaknesses in a target. (passive).

5. Leg mods: The leg's parts can be tweaked and tinkered to make them move faster; rather useful when trying to chase down the targets. (passive)

6. Arm mods: If you make the arm move faster then weapons can be swung faster and with more force! (passive)

7. Loader: The Resistance can get more changes (somewhere...) so it can reload weapons faster. (Good for those using the Resistance as a mounted-weapons platform). (passive)

8. Anti-matter cannon: The chest-part of the

Concussion (passive).
Attacks have a chance to stun the target.
Level % chance of stun, duration (seconds)
1 6, 0.5

16, 3

Acid Focus. (passive)
Weapons are given acidic properties. This can devestate both flesh and armour alike.
Level Additional damage (acid) (%), additional damage bonus to armour, DOT DPS, DOT duration.
1 5%, 2%, 5% weapon damage, 2.
20 25%, 10%, 15% weapon damage, 3.
Antimatter Focus (passive).
Weapons are given anti-matter like properties. This can do significant additional damage.
Level Additional damage (antimatter) (%), mini-explosions, mini explosion size, mini explosion damage (antimatter), (%).
1 5, same as the weapon pierce, 0.1m, 1.
20 25, same as the weapon pierce, 0.3m, 3.
Scanner. [Passive].
Lets you see a greater distance, great for scouting.
Level Vision distance % increase
1 10
20 250

Puncture. [Activated] Costs 20 Energy per shot. 2 Second cooldown.

Deals small amounts of damage. Creates a weak spot in the target. Any shot that hits there ignores a % of armour.


Armour % ignore when shooting weak-spot, Shot damage


5, 20


50, 250

AP Rounds [Passive]

These rounds allow for weapons to ignore an armour %.


% Ignore.





Poison Release [Activated] 65 energy cost, 1 minute cooldown.

A deadly pool of poison that does high damage to things in the pool.

Damage per second Radius, duration Level
3,500 2.5 meters, 15 seconds. 1
500,000 4.5 meters, 45 seconds. 25
Medical Supplies [Activated] 40 energy cost, 15 second cooldown.
The Cataclysm can also carry medical supplies. These can be dropped

and heal the collector by a given percentage of their max health.

Levels % Healed
1 20
20 80

Playstyle Edit

The Resistance is designed to be able to tank and to use melee weapons with scary effectiveness.

The Concussion and the Arm mods can be combines to rapidly beat at an opponent giving a good chance to land repeated concussions. This can let the Resistance heavily tank tough opponents by potentially freeze-locking them.

The Loader is intended for use if the player decides to use this class as a mounted-weapons platform. This can be coupled with the Anti-matter and/or Acid focus to deal very high ranged damage.

Benefits Edit

1. Can carry 1 primary and melee weapon.

2. 5% Universal resistance.

3. High health.

4. Can use modules.

5. Powerful abilities.

6. Can use mounted weapons as though they were normal.

6. Reduced speed penalty for heavy weapons. (Penalties are reduced by 75%)!

Penalties Edit

1. Only gets healed for 25% of normal.*

2. Only uses modules.

3. Can only have 2 weapons equipped rather than 3.

4. Takes +10% damage from antimatter.

6. If a mounted weapon is used it takes up both weapon slots.


Armour Edit

This uses armour modules just like the Guardian and Cataclysm does.

Stats Edit

Move speed: 0.85x that of normal.

It has a massive 2500 health (+250 per level) however it only gets 25% healing from all sources.*

Energy: 150 cap at a standard regen rate.

Back-Story Edit

Notes Edit

* The exceptions to the health regen penalty is the plating restore skill and modules.

Play-style, backstory and abilities aren't done!

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