"A deathly cold, shadowy abomination that appears to have gained control over darkness itself. It's almost impossible to think of how this could have been formerly a human."
―Official Description

The Revenant is a Tier 9 boss. Even more of a nightmare than the Necrosis, the Revenant's approach is signaled by the entire map darkening significantly roughly thirty seconds before its arrival, and remaining so until its death.

Although frail compared to its compatriots, the Revenant has mobility and unparalleled offensive power with its abilities, including a desperation attack capable of easily instant killing.. It is almost impossible to flee or take cover from and can go after multiple players at once with its abilities.


Being of Darkness - Passive ability. Automatic Dark Minion status. Darkens map.

Shadow Walk - Dissipates into a large, blackened mass and then relocates around a second later somewhere new, typically near players. Takes half a second to recover from.

Death Grip - The Revenant uses a shadowy arm to pull a nearby player into itself, then takes twenty percent of their remaining hit points and adds twice that amount to its own health. If done by doppelgangers, health total goes to main Revenant.

Four of a Kind - The Revenant stops moving for three seconds and then sends out three identical versions of itself at players. Doppelgangers have only five thousand hitpoints but retain all other abilities of the Revenant. Re-activates after thirty seconds when all doppelgangers are killed.

Marked for Death - Only occurs while Four of a Kind is active. One player is "marked" and is indicated by the player's HUD being clouded with blackness, and their health bar turning purple for other players. The Revenant and all of its copies will engage the marked player at once.

And Then There Were None - Upon the death of the Revenant, its form fans out and becomes more indistinct. It then "marks" a target and begins moving slowly towards it, and will deal forty thousand damage points split between Physical and Thermal damage to the marked player if it manages to reach them. If it fails to reach the marked player within 15 seconds, it will dissipate and will be considered "killed". The Revenant cannot use any active abilities during this time. If it manages to kill its target, then it will "mark" another player and the timer to dissipation is reset.


  • 550,000 base life points.
  • Melee attack does 5,000 Physical and 1,500 Cryo thermal damage per hit. Cool-down is half a second. Range is two metres.
  • Moves at 2.5 m/s. During And Then There Were None, speed reduced to 1 m/s.
  • Shadow Walk cool-down is five seconds.
  • Death Grip has 4 metre range. Cool-down is six seconds.
  • Cannot receive Elite modifiers and has no Savage variant.
  • Recovers health from Cryo weapons. 50% resistance to fire weapons.