The Rifle, Anti-Material Pattern .70, Mk.I (or AM Rifle Mk.1) is one of two sniper rifle designs made by Royal Ordnance.

while it doesn't have quite as much damage as its counterpart, the AM-I Rifle, the AM Rifle is more mobile and has better handling ability. the AM Rifle also allows for a full auto mode like the AM-I rifle. its mode is slower, but does not affect the reload time as badly.

Stats Edit

  • 2000 damage. the RED version has double damage.
  • pierces 5 zombies.
  • 15% movement penalty.
  • 15 rounds in the clip.
  • fires 3 rounds per second in semi auto. holding the mouse down for one second will force the gun to fire 4 rounds per second in full auto.
  • takes 2.6 seconds to reload. full auto reloads take 4 seconds.
  • uses regular sniper rifle ammo.

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