Weapon Conception
- Ronson 20-r -

Ronson 20-r (New)

Ronson 20-r -RED- (New)

Ronson 20-r -BLACK- (New)

Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 280
590 RED Version
865 BLACK Version
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 415/s over 6 seconds
825/s over 5 seconds RED Version
1250/s over 5 seconds BLACK Version
Pierce 10
12 RED Version and BLACK Version
Rate of Fire 1 Grenade per second
1.5 for RED Version and BLACK Version
Capacity 8 Grenades
12 RED Version and BLACK Version
Reload Time 2.5 seconds
2.6 RED Version and BLACK Version
Area of Effect 1.6 meters
1.9 for RED Version and BLACK Version
Movement -23%
Firing Mode Semi-Automatic
Weapon Class Rocket Launcher
Damage Type Chemicalico Chemical
Approx. Drop Level 27
65 RED Version and BLACK Version
Ammo Cost $440 for 32 grenades, $1650 for 32HD ammo
$6700 for 48, $15550 for 48 HD ammo RED Version
$7000 for 48, $16250 for 48
Additional Stats
2575 alloy + $1,250,000
45,525 alloy + $3,775,500 RED Version
325,999 alloy + $7,999,999 BLACK Version
It uses the same firing sound of Luftplatzen
It uses generic Rocket Launcher reload sound
Cannot be augmented in "Capacity"
"Overclocked" augment is avaliable
Damage over time can stack up to three times
"This Grenade Launcher is Ronson's take at an inexplored area, the Chemical weaponry. It fires a special canister that upon contact, explodes and release a lethal Corrosive which melts even Titanium. A slow but sure way to obliterate enemies."
―Unofficial Description


Description Edit

Ronson team realized that in the military market, there's a small number of representants in Chemicals specialized. Plus, Ronson was already planning to enter in the explosives area.The attemp was the same they've done with the sucessful Ronson 70.

The idea was to create a supportive weapon wich was versatile, being able to both supress imediate offense and heavily damage secondary/remaining targets, with no loss of agility or time by long reloads.

Top-down view of Ronson 20-r
Ronson 20-r Top-Down

Ronson 20-r fires a modified Ronson Cryogenics canister, that contains light explosives combined with a strong corrosive, that in earlier tests, melted quite fast a Titanium alloy and liquified organic tissue in matter of seconds.


Trivia Edit

─ How this weapon could be properly reloaded?

─ On contact, the grenade will produce a green-shaded exploding cryo grenade animation

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